2017            -Silk, Linen, Cotton!

2016            -Lace 

2015            -Child's Sweater In Panels

2014            -Fingerless Mitts

2013            -Exploring Techniques (I-Cord, Mosaic, Double-Knitting, Cast-                                 Ons, and making Dorset Buttons)

2012            -Dyeing Yarn with Natural and Commercial Dyes

2011            -A Medley of Techniques (cables, entrelac, fair isle, lace,                                             crotcheted edgings)

2010            -Exploring the Half-Linen Stitch

2009            -Creating and Knitting with Hand-Painted Yarns

2008            -Modular Knitting: Squares, Triangles, and Weird Shapes

2007            -Ganseys

2006            -Embellishments

2005            -Cables and Celtic Knots

2004            -Knitting with Colour -Fair Isle and Mosaic

2003            -Moebius Knitting and Lace

2002            -Knitting Socks on Two Circular Needles

2001            -Finishing Like a Pro